Thursday, 3 December 2009

New ppl! =)

I am happy that so many of the ppl from Dual-Boxing have migrated, or made new teams on Grim Batol. Really nice to have others to talk to, who knows what u talk about :p ...and great to log on and see 20 shamans etc online! So far we have had just a few AV raids and world pvp, but it has been really fun :D Today 4 of us went AV and won most of the games (ofc :p lol).

I made a list of the boxers that are currently in Gimp:

Aoe - 5 Paladins (Whowantstoknow)
Angeldeelite - Druid + 4 Shamans (angeldeelite)
Bakashaka - 5 Shamans (Ptah)
Bigbossman - Shaman + 4 hunters
Boomboxer - dual shamans
Boxblizzard - 5 (Boxblizzard)
Bitling - Paladin + 4 Shamans (FuzzyBoy)
Downa - 4 Rogues (Sideways)
Endure - DK + 4 palas
Foulmessiah - 4 Shamans
Gorgorotha - 5 shamans (Altshoba)
Gorina - 4 Shamans (Fregwin)
Konnichiwa - 5 shamans (Merujo)
Korzeer - DKs +Palas (shaeman)
Kierlay - 4 Paladins
Liliq- 4 Shamans (pala main) (Volch0k)
Littleburst - DK + 4 Shamans (Littleburst)
Maiy - 5 Warlocks
Mehee - 5 Shamans (Wokomehee)
Overdose - 4 Shamans (Chronic1337)
Shakalack - 5 shamans
Shroum - 4 mages
Selza - 5 Shamans
Sherminator - Druid + 4 Hunters
Tyrrel - Paladin + 4 Shamans (Seffles)
zwakix - Shamans

...might be some errors here, some of the lowbies might have changed teams, or same person can be listed twice. Have been alot of changes lately, good ones tho =) We dont know what will happend in the future, but for now we can have alot of fun togheter, so i would say our goal is already reached ;o)


  1. WOW thats a hella lot of boxers on our server now :D back soon :)

  2. lal a lot of boxers out there ;))) I'm so impressed about the guy who had 4 rogues. This was my fav class back in those times. :)