Friday, 17 December 2010

Ding 85 shamans =)))

Finally, my 5 shaman girls dinged 85 today... must say im a bit tired of the game right now, and might do something else this weekend hehe, anyway... looking forward to get some gear and do some pve...hmm after i leveled my pala ofc :p. Leveling as a boxer is ok in cata, was a bit worried, but wont be a prob getting my other teams to 85 also, later tho =) /cheers

Friday, 10 December 2010

Ding 85 on main =)

I finally dinged 85 on my main char, the priest. Have started leveling my main team now(shamans), and hopefully they will ding 85 in no time! I wonder how all the phasing quest and underwater zones will be to box, but hopefully it wont be as painful as i fear =)...some of the other boxers in the guild are on it, and Batan even dinged 85 on his shaman team, grats to him =)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Team Howster - Multiboxing ICC

Really fun to watch others progress! Gj guys =)

Friday, 13 August 2010

Ding 77 =)

...after having a nice vacation im now back leveling! Dinged 77 on my 4 casters today, and hopefully i will hit 80 in no time :p. I have started thinking about cata, and i want all my alts to be 80 before it hits. Main team will be my shamans ofc, but i will probably level my priest first... after leveling the shamans, and their pala tank, im not sure what to do. Either i level my druids..or, i start my new goblin mage team...not sure yet, think there are several ppl going mages, will be fun to see =))

Monday, 28 June 2010

Boxing vids and stream

Got this on a mail today, looks cool. Always fun watching others play!

Watch live video from Multiboxing in World of Warcraft on

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

alt mode =)

I have been slacking alot lately, and i find myself in a spot where i dont "feel like" farming hc's etc, yet im not tired of the game itself, so whats better than leveling some alts eh? =) 4 hunters and a resto druid is much fun, and if i ever reach 80 eheh, i wanna make a 5x druid pve team, currently running with a priest as healer for my 4 druids... anyway, they are currently level 25, and i think i will focus on them for now.. ofc my shamans are still my main team, i just need a time out =) Its good for my head, and its easyer to play lowbies when irl is stressful. Had a period with alot of irl things going on just now, and cant stand the idea of logging on just for a short time, and farm all the time... i am one of the strange ppl that find leveling and quest f u n, so im happy with it :p

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Multiboxing signatures

I had some fun last night trying out the new multiboxing signature generator that Tehmuffinman from are working on. Think they look great!

Shamans Shamans & PalaDruids Hunters...i dont like the icons for professions, but hes working on it, and it might change =) I would also like to have the guild name, instead of team name, would be great! Anyway, i like it! =)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

FOS - POS ...and nearly (argh lol) HOR :p

During xmas i did some PVE with my girls whenenver i had some time =) FOS and POS was ok, but i after 5 or 6 whipes on last wave in the Lich King escape, i gave up due to lack of founds for repairs hehehe =) Main prob is pala going oom and loose aggro, im doing something very wrong i guess :p but im on it... I whiped on 2. boss in FOS a few times first time there, and i dont know how many times on Ick in POS, but after some reading and adjusting of strafe keys, its now nps :p funny how easy things are when u know tacs eh

Main PVE team is Pala + 4 shamans, but i have setup my druid team again aswell. Bear tank, 3x oomkins + shamans or priest healer. Will start gearing them up this week =)