Friday, 20 November 2009

PvP! =)

The last days i have had fun in bg's and Wintergrasp with my shaman girls. Gorgorotha, Konnichiwa and me, even did a raid to IF, great fun with 3 boxers :D Grim Batol got 2 new boxers last week aswell, Varnæs (5melee team) and Boxblizzard. Welcome to both =) I can see we will have some great world pvp raids in the future!
My mixed group are now lvl 72. Mage, 2x priests and lock are a great mix. Questing is really fast, and with all the buffs and waters its nps! Im planning on putting 1 of the priests in the druid group at 80. Bear tank, 3x boomkins and priest should be ok i guess.

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