Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My pc =)

Looking at pic's of others pc's, and setups are nice, so im adding a few of my own =)

...btw, i have been planning to add a keyboard with more buttons a while, but i like my old cheap one so much that it didnt happen yet lol.. Im fixing it when my girls ding 80! :P

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Some fun in Arenas =)

Last night i joined my friends 5v5 arena team with my main char, the priest. Altshobaa/Deekhay boxed 4 shamans, while i tried to keep up with healing, dispelling etc :P ...although our oponents didnt get really scared of us, we had a great time... :D ...we had about 50/50 win/loss, so it was great, but i guess it will get harder at higher rating.

I didnt play much arenas, so im not a great player, but i like to believe i can improve hehe, and as i said, its just for fun =)

...anyway, we plan on getting some more practise tonight, so beware if ur playing too lol :P

Sunday, 14 June 2009

...getting there :P

After a few weeks with afk'ing due to irl stuff, im now up and running. Today i dinged 70 in Netherstorm, and are rdy to move on to Northrend. 10 "small" lvl's to go! :D