Thursday, 17 September 2009

B-r-e-a-k ! =)

...due to irl stuff i need 4 weeks boxing break! Wohoo!

My shamans are finally fully geared, so maybe i can start winning some arena maches when im back :P ...and druids are half geared, so a little more farming is nessesary there, and locks are... -still level 24 or something. The locks have to w8 a while, cause im leveling a pala and another priest to be able to do pve with my 2 80 teams. Pala will be tank for the shaman team, and the new priest will be healer for my druids, and probably for some dualboxing etc. Im currently leveling 3 chars, mage, priest and priest, but as soon as they ding 70, i will box them along with my pala and lock who are level 70 atm. The 3 caster girls are now level 68.

...and while im not home and having my boxing equipment around, im leveling my hunter...-solo, on my laptop! ...and gearing up my main, the priest aswell:D Its kinda nice =)