Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Looking forward to explore all the new content, and level up my chars. Wonder how long it will take :P ...but, this time im not rushing anything!

 Im going for my solo char (priest), and shaman team first. Looks promising, but i have heard it is alot of phasing (sigh), so im very curious how things will work out... exited tho, here we go! =)

GL to the rest of u, and hf  =)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Update - Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! =)

Shamans are nearly geared now, and i have alot of fun playing them again. When you can run while casting Lightening Bolt, its much more fun doing pvp. No more running after ppl casting shock, and trying to slow them down with totems. I even love chasing paladins now! And the none stop Chain Lightening is awesome, ofc the animation is very cool aswell xD
I havent done much pve so far, but im planning on hitting some dungeons really soon. Would be fun to make some progress atleast. I find some inspiration in the guild, since we have a coupple of epic pve players. Howster are even 10 boxing now!

Im currently leveling my two new teams. Warlocks are level 41 atm, and mages are level 36. I like both teams so far, very easy at low level! I only level when im to tired to do "reasonable" stuff with my 85 teams, so its a slow progress on them.

Hunters and druids are "resting" right now, i do a battleground here and there with the druids, and some farming(leather) with the hunters, but not much. I belive the druids could be good tho, i just aint got the time to do all i want ingame =)