Tuesday, 5 January 2010

FOS - POS ...and nearly (argh lol) HOR :p

During xmas i did some PVE with my girls whenenver i had some time =) FOS and POS was ok, but i after 5 or 6 whipes on last wave in the Lich King escape, i gave up due to lack of founds for repairs hehehe =) Main prob is pala going oom and loose aggro, im doing something very wrong i guess :p but im on it... I whiped on 2. boss in FOS a few times first time there, and i dont know how many times on Ick in POS, but after some reading and adjusting of strafe keys, its now nps :p funny how easy things are when u know tacs eh

Main PVE team is Pala + 4 shamans, but i have setup my druid team again aswell. Bear tank, 3x oomkins + shamans or priest healer. Will start gearing them up this week =)