Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ding 40 ! im "half way" :P Everything has actually been fun up until now!

I did most of the quest in stv, ofc that was ugly, i seriously dont see the fun in killing lowbies when u are 80 yourself. ...but besides that questing is going great =) Im currently farming sm, did graveyard only once, but library is nice to farm. Might try next part soon tho, gets a bit boring, doing same insta over and over.
Looking forward to outland so im trying to hurry ! =)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Razorfen Kraul ! =)

Shamans is working fine! No whipes in Razorfen Kraul made it a fast insta to do. Im a bit high for this insta aswell i guess, but i prefer a little less xp, instead of whiping. And finally i have my mounts =)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Blackfathom Deeps ! =)

This was not the best insta for a boxer imo, because of all the jumping from pillars, and water fights, but it went ok i guess. No whipes, but i was 28 when entering, so again a bit to high. I got about 1 lvl in there but i skipped 1 quest, i didnt have the patience to collect 20 items for each char when the quest was green already. All in all , ok =)

Monday, 9 February 2009


Keyclone is the prog that i use to send keystrokes to all wow clients i have running. Its pretty easy to use, simply start all wow clients u need, and start Keyclone. It automatically detects it all.

There are several ways to box, but the way i am setting it up goes like this:

I copy the wow folder from program files and paste it directly on C, 4 times. Then i rename the folders. The folder in program files is wow1, the folders on C, is wow2, wow3, wow4 and wow5. The wow.exe file in each folder has to change name the same way.

If u play without maximizer(its in Keyclone), u can send each wow.exe file to your desktop, making it easy to start the clients, and each wow client has the account name written already, saving u some time.

If u play with maximizer like i do, u can just skip that and go directly to the maximizer setup in Keyclone. Maximizer allows u to put each wow window where u want it on your screen(s), remember to setup each account to play in "window mode". ok!

Start Keyclone.

Press the "setup" button and select "command editor"

In the top field called "command", u write the client name, starting with wow1. Then u press the "program" button below, and find the right wow.exe file on your pc (the ones u renamed earlier, starting with wow1). In the "region" field u write region 1 for wow1, region 2 for wow2 and so on. Press "apply" then the "new" button until u have done the same for each wow client u have. Then it should look something like this:

Then u choose the "maximizer" menu, from the list on the left side.

Here u simply choose where to put each wow client on your monitor(s). Assuming wow1 is the leader char u want that one to be on top, or at main monitor. Remember region 1 is wow1, region 2 is wow2 and so on. Check "enable maximizer" before leaving this menu. U can se a screenshot from my wow1 here:

Last u need to enter the "general" menu from the list on the left side.

Check the "startup command" and write in the names of the wow clients u want to start when starting Keyclone. Between each command u write this sign: ; . Etc: wow1;wow2;wow3

This should be the basics of what u need to setup before starting to play.

I might have forgot something, or something might be missing, feel free to drop me a note =)

Setting it up

One of the reasons i made this blog, was to have something to link when ppl asking me ingame how to multibox. Dont get me wrong, helping ppl is always nice, but to explain how to setup boxing with/w ingame is well... not recomended :P

And if u ever /w a multiboxer and didnt get any respond, dont feel hurt, cause answering whispers while trying to do quests, avoiding getting ganked, making sure all chars have all quests, items, food/waters etc etc is not easy! ...and adding a few keyclone bugs where all chars run in different directions and so on makes it nearly impossible to play and chat. Thats it.

There are other nice guides out there, thanks to all the ppl that made me able to multibox ! =)

...and with blogs like this, multiboxers can get to know eachother a bit more aswell, and thats great ;o) /cheers to u all, and especially to Deekhay/Mortah, Konnichiwa/Merujo and his friend Strickmabil who bother to heal a boxer in arenas =) Nice!

I will make a post for each prog im using, making it easyer to find it later =)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Shadowfang Keep ! =)

I entered Shadowfang Keep as level 23 and it went pretty easy until i had a minor mistake with my searing totems and pulled a whole room :P ...i aslo whiped at Wolf Master Nandos, the second last boss but well well.. =) 2 Whipes in total is ok! =)

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wailing Caverns ! =)

Today i did my first instance with the shamans. Had a really good time, with 0 deaths. I entered as level 22, so i guess i was a bit to high for that insta, but a nice place to start=) Shamans is fun! :P

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hardware and software

Im using 2 pc's, and 3 monitors.

My first pc runs 3 wow clients and its a Dell XPS 630I with 2 monitors. It has a Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad CPU, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 graphic card, and 8GB ram.

My second pc runs 2 wow clients and its a Dell Dimension 9200. It has a Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS graphic card, and 4GB ram.

Im using Keyclone to control all chars, and Synergy allows me to use same keyboard and mouse on all screens (both pc's).

First post =)

Im a multiboxer on Grim Batol EU. I have been playing wow since december 05, and i still enjoy the adventures u can experience in a world filled with ...well..everything =)

I am a 32 year old female and i bought the game cause i wanted something to do with my previous stepson who was 16 at that time. Computers have always been my interest, and i had been playing sims and a game called "norwegianmafia" before, but no mmorpg. I remember beeing in the store with wow in my hand thinking: "this will soo never happen!". Needless to say, it did :P

I started with a undead priest, and this char is still my main, she's called Wokomehee and is GM of a guild called Gimp on Grim Batol EU [H].

... after playing both pve and pvp, leveling all classes i ever wanted, both alliance and horde i found that the game could no longer amuse me the way it used to. I needed something new! =)

I cant really recall first time i saw a multiboxer, but i have always been annoyed by that part of the game u could not do by yourself. Beeing hours in queue for a insta u wanted some loot from etc etc etc. So, after seeing a multiboxer, i started gooogle it, and read everything i could find about it until i had the knowledge to set it up myself.

Short story:

I started with 2 chars until i fully understood how to play as a multiboxer. Then i made my 4 boomkins. Level cap was 70 when i started multiboxing, and i leveled my 4 boomkins to 70. Pve was always fun, but pvp with boomkins is mostly: fear fear fear..and umm fear! So, my druids had to go and i have made a new team with 5 shamans. Those are my current project=)