Sunday, 15 December 2013

Pvp ranking in the old system (not boxing related)

I was cleaning out my computer this morning and came across these old pictures from ranking up in the old pvp system. I remember the pain and agony when Blizz decided to remove the system a bit before they where supposed to, so me and a few of my friends didnt get rank 14. Myself i lacked 1 week... it was hard to get rank 14 back then! =) Well... i Guess most of the players/friends from that time wont see this, but ill post them anyway. Maybe someone know any of the players atleast... =)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


...still no /follow in bg, and i still miss the game(!). I guess its time to start thinking about pve. No nerfs there as far as i know.(tips is appreciated). I have been very busy irl the last 10 months, due to buying a new house, and studies, but it should "slow down" the nexts months or so, leaving some time for andless grinding and other fun stuff, ho ho. I guess ill play a bit solo with my main at first, i logged on today and it felt like alot has changed since i played hardcore. Nothing is more frustrating than loggin 5 chars, and be a total nub with both the software and the game itself :p

Im rdy for some fun stuff ;o)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Patch 5.2 is not my friend, not sure what to do yet. I have canceled 4 of my accounts for now, as you all know patch 5.2 broke /follow in bg. I have kept 1 acc, until i know what to do ill keep playing on my priest...

Its sad news!

I have looked a bit around  for games similar to wow. Although i havent decided yet, i might try out Rift. I have to check a bit more before i make up my mind =)