Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Having Fun! =)

Lately we have been doing several world pvp raids, premade AV's and other stuff. Sadly i tend to forget to take screenshoots while killing, but i have some other fun pics to share. Just great to meet other boxers "anywhere" now =)
Sherminators hunter team and Mehee in WG.

Konnichiwa and me in WG.

Several Gimp boxers met in Orgri. In the pic: Konnichiwa, Shakalack, Emoo, Funkinbubbie and me =)

Gorina/Emoo and me doing a female cow parade in Orgri :p Whats cuter than a cow in xmas outfit eh?

Shakalack and me doing formations in WG :p

Before one of our IF raids =)

Alot of the ppl in the guild are doing some hardcore leveling aswell, Gorgorotha dinged 80 on his lock team this week, Bitling dinged 80 on his rogue team, and Angeldeelite dinged 70 on his druid/shaman team, grats to all =)

We got 2 new boxers to the server this week also, welcome to both! Shroum leveling 4 mages, and Endure level dk+4 palas, gl =)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

New ppl! =)

I am happy that so many of the ppl from Dual-Boxing have migrated, or made new teams on Grim Batol. Really nice to have others to talk to, who knows what u talk about :p ...and great to log on and see 20 shamans etc online! So far we have had just a few AV raids and world pvp, but it has been really fun :D Today 4 of us went AV and won most of the games (ofc :p lol).

I made a list of the boxers that are currently in Gimp:

Aoe - 5 Paladins (Whowantstoknow)
Angeldeelite - Druid + 4 Shamans (angeldeelite)
Bakashaka - 5 Shamans (Ptah)
Bigbossman - Shaman + 4 hunters
Boomboxer - dual shamans
Boxblizzard - 5 (Boxblizzard)
Bitling - Paladin + 4 Shamans (FuzzyBoy)
Downa - 4 Rogues (Sideways)
Endure - DK + 4 palas
Foulmessiah - 4 Shamans
Gorgorotha - 5 shamans (Altshoba)
Gorina - 4 Shamans (Fregwin)
Konnichiwa - 5 shamans (Merujo)
Korzeer - DKs +Palas (shaeman)
Kierlay - 4 Paladins
Liliq- 4 Shamans (pala main) (Volch0k)
Littleburst - DK + 4 Shamans (Littleburst)
Maiy - 5 Warlocks
Mehee - 5 Shamans (Wokomehee)
Overdose - 4 Shamans (Chronic1337)
Shakalack - 5 shamans
Shroum - 4 mages
Selza - 5 Shamans
Sherminator - Druid + 4 Hunters
Tyrrel - Paladin + 4 Shamans (Seffles)
zwakix - Shamans

...might be some errors here, some of the lowbies might have changed teams, or same person can be listed twice. Have been alot of changes lately, good ones tho =) We dont know what will happend in the future, but for now we can have alot of fun togheter, so i would say our goal is already reached ;o)