Friday, 20 November 2009

PvP! =)

The last days i have had fun in bg's and Wintergrasp with my shaman girls. Gorgorotha, Konnichiwa and me, even did a raid to IF, great fun with 3 boxers :D Grim Batol got 2 new boxers last week aswell, Varnæs (5melee team) and Boxblizzard. Welcome to both =) I can see we will have some great world pvp raids in the future!
My mixed group are now lvl 72. Mage, 2x priests and lock are a great mix. Questing is really fast, and with all the buffs and waters its nps! Im planning on putting 1 of the priests in the druid group at 80. Bear tank, 3x boomkins and priest should be ok i guess.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Utgarde Keep HC ! =)

My first HC didnt exactly go smooth, but i downed it finally so im happy still :P Whiped on all bosses lol =) My pala aint def capped, and all shamans have not so good pvp gear, so im hoping it will be better when the gear is a bit more up to date =) Its fun anyway, as long as i manage to finish it, i dont mind whiping =)

Utgarde Pinnacle! =)

So i finally leveled a pala =) Did my first Northrend Insta today, whiped a few times, but shit happens :p. Im happy to have a tank as it will make the game more fun for me. I have been frustrated not beeing able to do everything i wanted. In addition to tanking for my teams, im planning to heal Deekhay's shamans in arena. So im farming honor aswell, trying to gear up both for pvp healing and pve tanking. Paladin is more fun playing than i imagined, so im having fun with it =)