Monday, 27 July 2009

RFC ! =) (Locks)

...while waiting for the next WG, im leveling a bit on my new lowbie team =) Did RFC a few times yesterday and its pretty fast with 5 dps. I use 4 woidwalkers and 1 imp, and its really no need for either healer or tank at this level :D I doubt i will level this team to 80 any time soon tho, but who knows =)

I will level my druids soon, im getting the shoulders from wg next week i think. They are still lvl 74. Will be fun doing some AV's with the druids and some friends again =)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

WG & AV F a r m i n g :P

...thats what i do these days =) Starting to get some gear now, and having lots of fun! =)

I have met several boxers lately, counted 9, me included, that is great :D The picture above is my first meeting with one of them, Neobox from Jaedenar. As u can see, it didnt go that well lol :P Was hitting Balinda and didnt even see him until i was dead.. =) I have met some of them in arenas also (did 10 games last week to get some points), and clearly i need practise aswell, not just gear :P
Gearing up and getting enchants, gems etc are expensive, so i have to do some daily quests etc. Atm im doing the ones at the Argent Tournament, those are ok to box. a few weeks i should have ok gear! :P

Thursday, 16 July 2009

D - I - N - G ! =)

Finally! :D ...dinged last night and will now start to farm gear, practise, change macros etc etc etc =) Wohoo! The last two regions (Icecrown and The storm peaks) where not the best place to multibox imo, but rest of the continent where fine =)