Tuesday, 9 March 2010

alt mode =)

I have been slacking alot lately, and i find myself in a spot where i dont "feel like" farming hc's etc, yet im not tired of the game itself, so whats better than leveling some alts eh? =) 4 hunters and a resto druid is much fun, and if i ever reach 80 eheh, i wanna make a 5x druid pve team, currently running with a priest as healer for my 4 druids... anyway, they are currently level 25, and i think i will focus on them for now.. ofc my shamans are still my main team, i just need a time out =) Its good for my head, and its easyer to play lowbies when irl is stressful. Had a period with alot of irl things going on just now, and cant stand the idea of logging on just for a short time, and farm all the time... i am one of the strange ppl that find leveling and quest f u n, so im happy with it :p