Wednesday, 4 February 2009

First post =)

Im a multiboxer on Grim Batol EU. I have been playing wow since december 05, and i still enjoy the adventures u can experience in a world filled with ...well..everything =)

I am a 32 year old female and i bought the game cause i wanted something to do with my previous stepson who was 16 at that time. Computers have always been my interest, and i had been playing sims and a game called "norwegianmafia" before, but no mmorpg. I remember beeing in the store with wow in my hand thinking: "this will soo never happen!". Needless to say, it did :P

I started with a undead priest, and this char is still my main, she's called Wokomehee and is GM of a guild called Gimp on Grim Batol EU [H].

... after playing both pve and pvp, leveling all classes i ever wanted, both alliance and horde i found that the game could no longer amuse me the way it used to. I needed something new! =)

I cant really recall first time i saw a multiboxer, but i have always been annoyed by that part of the game u could not do by yourself. Beeing hours in queue for a insta u wanted some loot from etc etc etc. So, after seeing a multiboxer, i started gooogle it, and read everything i could find about it until i had the knowledge to set it up myself.

Short story:

I started with 2 chars until i fully understood how to play as a multiboxer. Then i made my 4 boomkins. Level cap was 70 when i started multiboxing, and i leveled my 4 boomkins to 70. Pve was always fun, but pvp with boomkins is mostly: fear fear fear..and umm fear! So, my druids had to go and i have made a new team with 5 shamans. Those are my current project=)

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