Friday, 17 December 2010

Ding 85 shamans =)))

Finally, my 5 shaman girls dinged 85 today... must say im a bit tired of the game right now, and might do something else this weekend hehe, anyway... looking forward to get some gear and do some pve...hmm after i leveled my pala ofc :p. Leveling as a boxer is ok in cata, was a bit worried, but wont be a prob getting my other teams to 85 also, later tho =) /cheers

Friday, 10 December 2010

Ding 85 on main =)

I finally dinged 85 on my main char, the priest. Have started leveling my main team now(shamans), and hopefully they will ding 85 in no time! I wonder how all the phasing quest and underwater zones will be to box, but hopefully it wont be as painful as i fear =)...some of the other boxers in the guild are on it, and Batan even dinged 85 on his shaman team, grats to him =)