Sunday, 30 August 2009

Fun and different wow projects

Boxing is only one way of playing in an unusual way. I must say i find it funny that others play naked, without weapons, or even without killing anything on purpose! I have added a new link collection in the bottom of my page with some interesting storys, some are old, some new. If i find more of those i will add them aswell.Tips are welcome =)

...waiting for someone who will level up only running backwards or something!

Gogo! =)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Gimp Boxers =)

Since we are 3 boxers in Gimp atm, i figured a pic or two was in order :D

Konnichiwa made a Orc shaman team on horde side, and Angeldeelite has rerolled Tauren shamans/druid on Grim Batol! Welcome to both! Who knows if they wil be 80, but we have fun atm so lets just see =) No need to stress hehehe

Gimp Arena ! =)

...i am lucky enough to have a warr friend that sacrifice himself so my druids can get some points hehe =) We wanted some fun, so i specced my 4 druids resto, and he went prot,. The idea was ofc to not die, atleast not fast.. sadly, i can heal until im blue in the face... with no resilience i go down wayyy to fast. We are happy anyway, or atleast i am :P I got my 344 points or whatever, and next week im buying legs! :P Yay =)

Saturday, 15 August 2009

D - I - N - G ! =)

I stopped questing at level 66 and went AV farming instead. I have always liked AV, so it was a fun way of leveling, but oh my, do i miss the gold u get from quests?..and gear eh.. 3 days of Av farming did get me capped with honor, and i bought the shoulders, but i can just stay in AV and WG for another week or two, to get ok gear.. And i will have to do the quests anyway, so i will have gold for mounts i want, dualspec gems etc etc etc , but im 80, so who cares :D

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Utgarde Keep ! =)

...did a run in UP today with a level 71 tank friend. Had no problems really, and its a quick insta to get nice xp in =) This showed me how much more u can do with a tank... i guess i will fix a tank of my own soon, either level my pala who are currently lvl 70, or spec one of the druids tank, and put in another one as healer... dunno really, but was fun to do a Northrend insta, since i didnt do any with my shamans while leveling. Druids are currently level 77.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Because i can.

I have to admit i didnt like the fact that u now can have both horde and alliance chars at same realm. Ruins the spirit, and well, i dont like it! But... since its here, i kinda "have to do it" ! :P

Altough several teams are tempting to try, my horde shamans have been the most fun experience in wow for me, so its natural to make another shaman team if i wanna level again.
...and im already leveling locks and druids on horde side soooo, yah its enough for now :P

For the alliance! ..errr, for the horde!
...and gogo Konnichiwa/Merujo, the only wow friend i have that are as crazy as i am when it comes to alts :D /cheers

Boxing for slackers :P

...lucky me, with a friend that can take my girls around while i do something else :P

Nah, seriously, had to do something else than farming gear, so these days im farming mounts lol, both Kara and ZG is easy, and hopefully my friend and i, will have some luck in there! =) I got the tiger on my main, the priest, so next one is for my mage friend.
Leveling is also something i do these days, druids are now 75 and locks 22. I have bought the shoulders from wg, and now the new robe added in last patch, great with items that make leveling go faster yay! =)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

This might be it some of u know, i have farmed gear 24/7 for the shamans since i dinged :P Had alot of fun, and met alof of nice ppl, ty to all the ones that dont spit on me, but actually are nice and let me join WG raids (yes, some ppl kick me).

Anyway, weapon is something that is hard for me to get, so i decided to level up mining (on my main druid), and start farm mats to make the Titansteel Guardian. I still have vacation, and its raining outside, so this week was perfect timing to spend some time in WG/Sholazar Basin and grab the mats needed.

Level up mining was one thing, but getting the mats needed are, hmm...i dont know how to put it, but i know i cant compete with the speed of all the bots that are allowed to be in WG 24/7.

Day one of my farming attemt i saw (and reported) 4 bots. Day two was a bit better and i got some mats, i only saw 1 new bot. Day 3 there where 4 new bots farming the area, and today i saw 5 new ones during my first 30 mins of "farming". I guess i dont need to tell u i dont get the mats needed for my weapons...

Well, dont know what to say really, other than i feel sad that those bots are allowed to be there, i reported them all, and it didnt help me.

This is the first time in wow that i feel like i am paying for something i dont get, and its not worth it. And just so its said, i dont like this game, i love it.