Saturday, 1 August 2009

This might be it some of u know, i have farmed gear 24/7 for the shamans since i dinged :P Had alot of fun, and met alof of nice ppl, ty to all the ones that dont spit on me, but actually are nice and let me join WG raids (yes, some ppl kick me).

Anyway, weapon is something that is hard for me to get, so i decided to level up mining (on my main druid), and start farm mats to make the Titansteel Guardian. I still have vacation, and its raining outside, so this week was perfect timing to spend some time in WG/Sholazar Basin and grab the mats needed.

Level up mining was one thing, but getting the mats needed are, hmm...i dont know how to put it, but i know i cant compete with the speed of all the bots that are allowed to be in WG 24/7.

Day one of my farming attemt i saw (and reported) 4 bots. Day two was a bit better and i got some mats, i only saw 1 new bot. Day 3 there where 4 new bots farming the area, and today i saw 5 new ones during my first 30 mins of "farming". I guess i dont need to tell u i dont get the mats needed for my weapons...

Well, dont know what to say really, other than i feel sad that those bots are allowed to be there, i reported them all, and it didnt help me.

This is the first time in wow that i feel like i am paying for something i dont get, and its not worth it. And just so its said, i dont like this game, i love it.

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  1. Hello, strick here... I saw u dropped by today on Alliance with your level 1 priest. I was AFK... only noticed it later. I added you as friend :p