Saturday, 8 August 2009

Because i can.

I have to admit i didnt like the fact that u now can have both horde and alliance chars at same realm. Ruins the spirit, and well, i dont like it! But... since its here, i kinda "have to do it" ! :P

Altough several teams are tempting to try, my horde shamans have been the most fun experience in wow for me, so its natural to make another shaman team if i wanna level again.
...and im already leveling locks and druids on horde side soooo, yah its enough for now :P

For the alliance! ..errr, for the horde!
...and gogo Konnichiwa/Merujo, the only wow friend i have that are as crazy as i am when it comes to alts :D /cheers


  1. my wow folders are all messed up and giving critical errors, thats why i didnt setup the team yet :(

  2. ohohoh /comfort...been there, done that! Its very annoying :(

    ...thats the reason i started to just copy my wow folder. Updating one by one client gave me critical errors aswell. Just save wft, addon and screenshot folders, and delete the rest. Update wow, then copy, paste, put in wft screenshoots and addons x4, then gogo level :D:D:D

  3. Thing is, i did that, and nothing. Have to copy from my main, on another computer and set everything up again :|

  4. Ouch :S ...hope it will be ok soon, those probs really kill the mood :P