Monday, 9 February 2009

Setting it up

One of the reasons i made this blog, was to have something to link when ppl asking me ingame how to multibox. Dont get me wrong, helping ppl is always nice, but to explain how to setup boxing with/w ingame is well... not recomended :P

And if u ever /w a multiboxer and didnt get any respond, dont feel hurt, cause answering whispers while trying to do quests, avoiding getting ganked, making sure all chars have all quests, items, food/waters etc etc is not easy! ...and adding a few keyclone bugs where all chars run in different directions and so on makes it nearly impossible to play and chat. Thats it.

There are other nice guides out there, thanks to all the ppl that made me able to multibox ! =)

...and with blogs like this, multiboxers can get to know eachother a bit more aswell, and thats great ;o) /cheers to u all, and especially to Deekhay/Mortah, Konnichiwa/Merujo and his friend Strickmabil who bother to heal a boxer in arenas =) Nice!

I will make a post for each prog im using, making it easyer to find it later =)


  1. is that an addon?

    where do i download it?


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  3. ahahaha =) yeah, just get the addon and ull have 4 chars following u :P

    ..i had one asking me what cheat it was, and how he could get is aswell, he followed me from xroads to thunder bluff while spamming me :P ty blizz for ignore =))