Thursday, 10 November 2011


...just had to try them =) Dont know if i ever wanna ding 85, but ill play as long as its fun. Since i cant seem to make up my mind when it comes to playstyle, and team to go for, i decided to just keep them all for now, and play whatever and whenever i feel like it.. we have boxers beeing good at pve, some do great arenas etc, im neither :p
I currently have 5 shamans (85), 5 druids (85), 5 hunters (85), 3 priests(85), lock, mage and pala (85). Lowbieteams: 5 locks at 31, and now this 5 mage team =) also leveling 2 priests, so i will have 5 in total. nice do do some dual-boxing from time to time =) Having fun!


  1. Good luck if you decide to play your mages. Mine are currently @ 74, it's been great clearing instances above my level without a tank/healer.

    I did lose interest for a while, but things got so much better with mirror images @ 50.

    Roll on 85!

  2. Thanks! So far its been fun, and leveling aint that bad tbh :P Besides, its nice to have several teams to choose from later. Im curious how it will be doing instances tho, must be very different from normal boxing teams, but with forum to learn from others on, i guess i should be ok aswell xD